Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Waiting patiently

Just before last weekend, I had a strong hunch that my dear hubby will bring back those juicy mangoes from Manila.

Ernie (a dear friend of ours) always have them packed in a nice box for him to bring home.

I was thinking it will be a good opportunity for me to try out a recipe that M shared with us, Chilled Mango with Pomelo.

True enough, hubby did came back with a big box of mangoes but ....... I got to wait because they are too green to be eaten. So I waited and waited and finally .... tada!!!


I modified a little but this is an awesome dessert. Thanks M!!!

What you need

600g mango (without the seed)
300g pomelo (removed seeds and skin, break them into tiny pieces)
400ml mango juice
1/2 cup of evaporated milk
250ml water
100g sugar Cornflour mixture (a tbsp of cornflour with 1 tbsp water - mixed well)


Boil water and sugar till sugar dissolved, add in cornflour mixture and stir till the mixture is smooth. Set to cool.

Cut the mango from both sides, then cubed it.

The remaining mango, put in a blender with 250ml mango juice and liquified it. Set aside.

When cornflour mixture is cooled, add in the liquified mango, mango cubes, remaining mango juice, evaporated milk and lastly pomelo.
Stir well and chilled.

Note: If too thick, diluted with mango juice.


I need to used up some tiny shrimps that I bought some time back. So here is my Easy Shrimp Pasta.


The kids love it.
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  1. looks wonderful. Mango sure is a lovely food. ever cook meat with mango...try stir frying some chicken with mango.....

  2. Mangoes...alas, me can't eat mangoes...so sad!!! Your dessert looks glorious! I was thinking of making pasta this weekend too...delicious!!!

  3. Edith, thanks for posting the recipe for the mango dessert.

  4. hiya edith,

    may i know how many serve your mango dessert is for?

    irenechin (KC)

  5. thanks edith ... will give your recipe a try once i get the ingredients ;)

    but i will 1/2 the ingredients lar my family not that big heehee =)

  6. The mango juice is it those in packet form that we buy from supermarket? And your one cup is agar agar how many ml? Thanks thanks!

  7. Hi Vicious girl, the mango juice are those packet type.

    I don't quite get you for that "one cup is agar agar how many ml" question. Unless you are referring to 1 cup = around 250ml


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