Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Soup! soup! soup!

In my family, soup is an extremely important part of our meal. My mom will cooked a soup no matter how tired she was or how simply our meal was.

So when I got married, she will nagged at me if she found out that I didn't drink soup for a week or so.

Now with kids around, the nagging intensified. It is not that I don't like to prepare soup for that matter but my standard is a far cry from hers.

Whenever, my kids are down at my parents' place for the weekend. They will literally stick the bowl to their face. The sight of them lapping up the "high standard" soup brings a smile to all the adults.

I tried my best in achieving the same quality, though lucky for me, my kids are not demanding in that sense.

Hubby and kids are extremely supportive towards my cooking. Enough said, here is my black bean soup.


What you need

300g Black Bean
400g Lean Meat
10 pcs dried oyster
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  1. Edith,
    Trying adding in some black fungus and kei chee to the black bean soup. My children loves it every time I cook this soup.

  2. something new, next time I will try your recipe. thanks ds.


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