Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Parting is such a sad feeling

I haven't been feeling the top of the world for the past couple of days and maybe that explains the reason why I am having difficulties in sleeping. Since I heard the news on Christmas eve, I have tried to spend as much time and opportunities with my brother's family especially my little nephew. This little one is also my daughter's dear buddy. I am happy for them but yet a sense of emptiness in me. Though with technology, it seems like just a stone throw away but I guess parting has never been easy. Finally the day has come to bid farewell. Though initially my little one hasn't grasped the knowledge that her playmate will not be there for her from now on. After seeing him walked through the custom, she suddenly stopped talking for a good 20 mins. I was getting worried, luckily she braced herself up and began yakking again. Photobucket I admired their courage of going into the unknowns and trying to fulfil a dream. I wish them all the best and may their dream come true soonest. I love you all. God bless.
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  1. Parting is never easy, especially with love ones..I can feel for you, but think of it this way, you will treasure one another more as time goes, cheer up my friend :)

  2. Absence makes the hearts grow fonder :)
    Sometimes when loved ones are around too much, they annoy you !

  3. What a precious picture. -lance


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