Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A love affair

Getting married is an easy job, but staying married is much harder. It takes lots of effort in giving unconditional love. Boy, am I glad that I am happily married to a wonderful man for 13 years. (or is it 14 years?) Not only is he a great husband but a fantastic father as well. I wasn't in the mood to prepare anything special. Was trying to make some chocolate truffles but in the end, didn't get started. Photobucket But I got a nice bouquet of roses and it is really pretty. As usual, there is also a bouquet for my little princess from her brother. To make up for yesterday, I whipped up something different from our usual fare. Nicoise Chicken, Spinach Salad and Potato Scallops. I really hope that my love ones enjoyed it. Image hosting by Photobucket
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  1. Likewise....I married a wonderful wife...


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