Saturday, February 25, 2006

How I fell in love

Scone was never my cup of tea. I heard so much about scones & cream but when I tried those in a cafe near Oxford University. I didn't take to it too. It took me years later when an ex colleague of mine offered me one of the best ever tasting scones. It was heavenly!!! I fell in love with these buttery scones immediately. For many years, I asked and sourced around for such recipe, but no one seems to be able replicate those available at Wooden Spoon. Nothing come close. Recently, a lady from a food forum responded to my request, so here I am trying to find out whether it comes close to my first love (Buttery scones). Photobucket Verdict: It is nice but somehow I didn't get the heavenly smell of butter even though I used the best available.
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  1. edith, i dont think u will be able to duplicate the taste again. Not that u r not good but ur palate changes and you dont realize it

  2. Nice looking scones edith. :)

  3. Such nice scones. How did you get the tall straight sides? Mine always turn out toppling to one side :(

  4. I have never tasted scones before. :(


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