Sunday, February 26, 2006

Destress destress

Continuing my form of destresser, I went on to make my gingko nut beancurd tong shui (recipe already shared). Josh said that I have to take more of such stuff to enhance my ailing memory! Personally, I love this tong shui to be taken chilled. Then of course, my mom will strongly object to that. Photobucket My another project for the day is Fried Carrot Cake. This is a disaster though hubby said it is not bad. I find that the texture is not smooth and the taste is not what I wanted and worst of all, I forgotten to add eggs to it. Errrr.. time to pick up the phone and call my mom. Photobucket Hubby also brought back something that I missed in Manila. Cheesy Ensaymada Bun was first introduced to me by Fe. This bun is soft and cheesy and tasted really good when hot, though hubby didn't get the brand that I wanted but this is also not too bad. I simply love these buns. Photobucket
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