Friday, January 13, 2006

What a beautiful day!

Though it is monsoon season, but for years we didn't expect so much rain. It rained for a solid one whole week! With the Lunar New Year fast approaching, most Chinese households were busy with spring cleaning. Lots and lots of washing but where is the sun? Moods were getting to a point of depression. This morning, we were welcome by the sight of sun. How beautiful! Who cares about the heat. Don't think anybody minded about the humidity. My friend, C for the past month, was busy cultivating flowers (for Lunar New Year). With so much rain, she was pushing pots and pots to me. She too was worried that it will be drown in no time. So I was loaded with new responsibility and I was worried for all my "new borns". Photobucket Despite the gloomy weather, the little gift from J. survived through. In fact, I think she grow much bigger now than before. Photobucket I am sure we appreciated the sunshine a little better.
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  1. Definitely! When it gets too cold, all you want is the sun, as with over here :)

  2. Edith, the episcia likes high humidity mah~ Lol~ Looking good and growing baby liaoz~ Flowers will come soon I guess~


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