Sunday, January 15, 2006

Pounding again

I am plagued by migrain again. Been getting it much too often. If it is a constant one sided pain, my alert mode should be on by now. Maybe it is just a tension headache but I really hated it. Too tired and painful, so we decided to just dine at a nearby open air restaurant. Wasn't a bad choice because the service is absolutely wonderful and the food is pretty good too.

I went for the seafood tom yum soup. A good mixed of seafood and definitely more value for money than one that I had not too long ago at Scotts Food Court.


My daughter's wanted noodle and I chose the spinach noodle with dumplings ones for her. This is their number 1 selling noodle and after my first bite, I know why. Awesome.


Hubby had black pepper beef hor fun. Really an authentic one with that "wok" taste.


My son chose Mutton Noodle. You hardly find mutton on most restaurant's menu and this one tasted really good. Texture like roast beef but the mutton taste is not overpowering. Nice.


We also ordered some side dishes. Stuffed You tiao. This one is not the normal stuffing that you commonly find.

Photobucket Photobucket

and an unique soup that we haven't tried before. Bittergroud with salted egg soup.


A verg good dinner and a superb service. They are also planning some children theme next week or so.

This place is going to be our regular food haunt.
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  1. where is that restaurant located, since you recommend, must go there and try the dishes there.


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