Saturday, January 07, 2006

A new begining

How time flies. In a flash, it is already a week into 2006. I haven't really been very active in the kitchen after the Christmas Day Party and the last bake in 2005 was a birthday cake. We usher the new year quietly at home partly because my better half hurt his back and very much needed bed rest (what a way to start a new year right). My list of "wanted to do" is getting longer but somehow my physical strength ain't complying. I just wanted to rest and do nothing. So enough is enough. So our meals are either take-aways or a really simple one. Hubby's friend came back from Korea and gave me a box of Korean Ginseng Chicken to try. He got this from the airport but apparently the one he bought from 7-eleven during his previous trip was much better. The soup is mild tasting and the chicken is stuff with pearl rice. Since I haven't tasted the ones from 7-eleven, I couldn't comment whether this is great. But for that kind of price, I feel that the quality is not that "matching". Photobucket Photobucket
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