Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Hadn't been feeling great lately, guess I haven't fully recovered from my flu. Yesterday, my little one is down with fever. What a way to start the week (without my hubby around). Was so depressing. I also totally forgotten about my "new dish each day". So to sum it all, I had Fish Head Curry using A1 brand. Verdict: too lemak to my liking. Had a Hakka lunch consisting of Lui Char, Preserved vegetable with braised pork, Hakka fried noodle, Hakka Yong Tau Fu and Abacus Beads. Nice little eatery along Balester. On Sunday, was invited to my friend's place for steamboat dinner. A very very sumptous feast. Last night, as my little one and myself were not well, we had Fish porrdge for dinner. I missed this so much. Nice to be able to have this as meals again. In between, I baked Cheddar Cheese Loaf. This time round, I added too much cheese too it and hence a little salty taste but I found another way of eating it and it taste very nice too. I cut it and have it toasted. So the texture is soft inside with a crunchy crust to it. Photobucket Despite having a cough, I was craving for ice cream. Decided to do a batch of Nutella with Pecan Nut Ice Cream. I modified the recipe a little and it turned out even better than the BananaNutcho ice cream I made before. Photobucket What you need 272g coffee mate powder 2 cups fresh milk 1/2 cup of cream 5 tbsp nutella 2 tsp gelatine powder 2 tsp hot milk 200g pecan nuts Method Stir and mix coffee mater, milk, cream and sugar till sugar dissolved Add nutella into milk mixture and mix well. Dissolve gelatine in hot milk. Add into mixture. Sieve mixture onto a container and freeze till half frozen. Remove and put into mixer and whisk till double in bulk. Add in nuts and stir till evenly distributed. Refreeze till firm and serve. For tonight's dinner, we have fish again. This time round, Fish Bee Hoon Soup. Kids love it. Photobucket
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  1. Edith, heard about the Hakka place at Balestier Road sells Hakka soon kueh..did you try it? am so tempted to go and try. so far, I haven't found any place that sells Hakka Soon kueh. btw, did you manage to use the vanilla pods yet?

  2. Gina, i dare not use the vanilla pods coz it lost its smell. The envelope got damaged when you sent together with the moulds.

    As for the Hakka Soon Kueh, we didn't get a chance coz' by the time they brought it out, we already finished our lunch and as I was heading somewhere, I couldn't have it packed.

  3. hope u get well soon, my dear :)

  4. oh dear, must tell Jean Lee about it. She bought it from Chef Judy Koh's cooking studio. she gave it to me when she went to HK.

  5. Wish I was home to help you finish it..Wanted to have some fried eggs for breakfast and was surprised they didn't have them!!!! Then during lunch, I realised it was because of bird flu...hee hee

  6. the cheddar cheese bread looks absolutely delish.

  7. take good care. nasty bugs around


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