Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hot hot hot

Since my neighbour gave me a bottle of her shiok shiok sambal, I might as well do a Sambal Fried Rice tonight.

Really yummy, couldn't wait for hubby to come home.

Where are you????


I was trying to replicate Fried French Bean available in one of the small eatery in 1 Utama in KL.

Guess, I failed badly. Somehow, I couldn't get it to have a fried texture. Now I am craving for it. Help!


I have complete trust in our AVA, so I ain't too worried about bird flu. Another dish on our dining table tonight. Braised Chicken Wings in Oyster Sauce.


For some, soup comes before a meal. For some, soup comes after a meal. This is one of my kids' favourite. Corn Soup, the way my mom make it.


What you need:

Sweet corn (remove husk)
Pork or pork ribs
Red Dates
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  1. Edith,

    I think the french bean you are eating in KL is deep fried version....after deep fry then fry with sambal

  2. "Really yummy, couldn't wait for hubby to come home. Where are you????"

    Nevermind, hubby not back then I'll take over! Yum!! *lol*


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