Friday, November 25, 2005

A feast

Today is Thanksgiving and also a day for celebration as my one year responisbile is finally over. Unfortunately, I got hit by the flu bug!!!!

I know I needed the rest but somehow, just couldn't sleep. My eyes are closed but my brain is working. Don't ask me what I am thinking because I don't know too.

Despite feeling weak but yet restless, I decided against all forces to prepare a feast.

This is my Tuna Cups. Really easy to prepare and my son was proud to announce to his dad that he had done those.


I don't know whether this is one of those genetic cross over as I don't recall having this soup at our dinner table or seeing this melon when young.


Sometime back, my mom made this soup and it tasted really good. Finally, saw a decent size for our family and here is my first attempt at Shark Fin Melon Soup.

A extremely simple soup to make.


What you need:

Shark Fin Melon
Dried Scallops
Pork or pork ribs

Got a really nice seabass. Since I always steam it, I decided to do something different. Perhaps baking it will be different and less hassle.


I adapted this from Mrs Lee Cookbook. Hainanese Pork Chop. Thumb up for this dish.


And not forgetting some greens to go with our meal.

Stir Fry Mixed Vegetable.


Guess I cooked too much because we ended up not having rice.
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  1. WOW edith, nice spread! U celebrate Thanksgiving too eh? :)


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