Monday, October 03, 2005

Yellow or purple?

Few years back when my sister went to Japan, she tried this Roasted Japanese Sweet Potatoes. Her comments was that it was really good. So got some from the supermarket and tried my hand at it. I think I bought this before but I simply couldn't remember whether the flesh is yellow in colour or should it be purple. Anyone care to comment? But it is definitely taste good having it roasted. Photobucket Bought a packet of glutinous rice a month ago so need to cook it before it turn bad. Since I have tried making Lor Mai Kai so many times, I decided to cook Savoury Gluntinous Rice for a change. I kind of go by instinct what should be added into the rice but I wasn't sure whether to steam the rice with water or without water in it. Luckily, Janny forwarded me a sample recipe to clear my doubt. Verdict: Good. Photobucket
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  1. How i miss those japanese sweet potatoes. I want please! :D


  2. Purple skin with yellow flesh, I think.

  3. purple skin with yellowish flesh..that's the ones I have at home.

  4. Japanese sweet potato should be purple skin and yellow fresh. I think the type with purple fresh is called "yam sweet potato or sweet potato yam" but taste more like sweet potato.



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