Thursday, October 06, 2005

Land of the rising sun

Today, I wanted to replicate Katsu Don as this is one of the item that is my hubby's favourite, should we dine in a Japanese Restaurant. Unfortunately, it was a far cry as I attempted this based on instinct. Was pretty disappointed with my result. I must remind myself that the next round, I need to do research on this.


 But on a happy note, my side dish, Korokke didn't turn out so bad. Was really happy that my kids love it.


  What you need

 6 potatoes (mashed)
salt and pepper to taste
 minced beef
corn kernels
green pea
worcestershire sauce
corn flour solution (to thicken)
minced garlic
 1 egg (beaten)
plain flour
bread crumbs


Season mash potatoes with salt and pepper

Sautee minced garlic till fragrant.

 Add beef and stir fry till cooked.

 Add in corn kernels and green pea.

 Seasoned with pepper, worcestershire sauce. Thicken with corn flour solution.

 Remove from heat and mix it with the mashed potatoes into patties.

 Coat with plain flour, then beaten egg and lastly with bread crumbs.

 Deep fry till golden brown.
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  1. Hi,

    Your korokke looks so delicious. Will you be posting the recipe? Thanks.

  2. Thanks YP, I done this by gut feel. I dun have the exact measurements but I can give you what is the ingredients. Do you still want it?

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for your reply. I would love to have the ingredients list if you don't mind. Thanks again.

  4. Its Land of the Rising "SUN"

  5. Thanks for the correction. typo error.

  6. korokke looks great, edith! how many did you get with 6 potatoes (big or small)?

  7. Jan, I didn't count how many. For me, I based on the number of potatoes each family eats.

  8. Thanks for the correction. typo error.


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