Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Another one

sigh! My little one is so found of bringing out all my crockery and playing with it. Before I can stop her, she broke one of my ramksin dish. I am really upset because I saw these during my holiday and they were so beautiful but I was thinking that since I got it at home, I don't think I will need another set. Well, things are so unpredictable isn't it? Photobucket I also bought a special plate that allows me to simmer without overboil. But I think I spoilt it already because it turned black. Am I right? Photobucket
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  1. Hi, don't get upset. Things can be replaced easily but not "heart". So, also don't scold your little one.

    Have a cheerful day.

  2. I am sure she didn't mean to do it....
    Btw, very stricking picture, Edith. Good photography :D

  3. edith, the simmering plate will turn black after using it for awhile. So i guess you can still use it. :)



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