Friday, June 10, 2005

Can't have enough

Correct me if I am wrong. I believe tradition mochi is a confection with red bean paste but the creativeness of an ice cream manufacturer incorporate their ice cream with mochi and it took on popularity in Singapore.

I was inspired by that, and thanks to Naris for translating her friend's (Dream and Dear) strawberry and redbean mochi recipe, and seeing Baking Mum's attempt at that. I just pick up the mood to try my version of Mango Ice-cream Mochi.

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Believe me, you really need fast hands to achieve partly because of our humidity. Perhaps, working in a freezer room will be ideal.

Nevertheless, I will continue to explore ways and means to make a perfect ice-cream mochi.

Verdict: Good though the ice cream melts really quickly.

What you need:

Ice Cream (scoop soften ice cream into round balls, and refreeze till harden)

Dough Ingredients

100 g glutinous rice flour
180ml water
50 g. sugar
Corn flour for dust


In a glass bowl, put glutinous rice flour and water. Mix well to paste, then add sugar and mix till dissolved.

Cover with plastic wrap and microwave for 2 mins. It will be half cook remove and stir well while it is hot.

Cover and return to microwave for 30 sec. Stir well.

Use plastic wrap over the chopping board.

Floured generously with corn flour or else will be sticky. Wait for dough to cool down.

Divided dough into 10 pcs. (Use spoon dip in corn flour for help in dividing and with your hand).

Flatten it with your palm.

Wrap the dough round ice cream and refreeze it in air tight container.
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  1. mouthwatering. Yum... :)


  2. the mochis look great! can you tell me approximately how big the ice cream balls are? thanks.

  3. size of a ping pong ball. hope you will have fun making this. Pls note that you got to really harden up the ice cream before you proceed.

  4. Cool, just stumbled across your blog and this looked interesting. A few questions though... how high a power should the microwave be on when doing the dough? And is it supposed to be half cooked or fully cooked when we're supposed to roll it out? after refreezing, can you just eat it like that, straight from the freezer? or does it need to be recooked?

  5. Hi, welcome to my blog. My microwave only has 2 options. High and Low. So I use a High mode. This shld be fully cooked (the colour of the dough changes to near transparent). And you can just eat it after thaw for a min or so.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Hi Edith,

    I like to check if it is the normal glutinous rice flour that we use to make dumpling dessert and normal corn flour for cooking.



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