Tuesday, June 21, 2005

After 2 weeks or more

Finally, I fulfil a desire of making layered agar agar. As some of you are aware that I have been talking about doing this 2 weeks ago or more.

Well, I got my act together and did it finally. Though not the recipe that I intended to, but nevertheless I got it done. hehehee.

Like my Milo Agar Agar?


What you need Chocolate Layer

8g agar agar strands
1 3/4 cups water
75g sugar
3/4 cup Milo

Milk Layer

10g agar agar strands
1 1/2 cup water
75g sugar
1 can Full Cream Evaporated Milk
2 tbsp cream

Method Chocolate Layer

Soak agar agar strand till soften. Drain.

Cook agar agar strand in water till dissolved

Add sugar and Milo, stir well till sugar dissolved. Strain.

Pour mixture into jelly mould (rinsed with water).

Allow to set, then lightly scratch surface with fork.

Milk Layer

Soak agar agar strand till soften. Drain.

Cook agar agar in water till dissolved.

Add sugar and stir till dissolved. Strain.

Stir in evaporated milk and cream.

Pour gently over chocolate layer.

Chill till set.
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  1. Very pretty. _k

  2. Yep I like it, so long since I had Milo jello already!

  3. Edith, did you find it very sweet? _K

  4. Thumbs up to you, Edith. You scratched each tiny jelly :)

  5. edith, your milo jello looks so pretty and delicious.


  6. I want, I want!

  7. I tried boiling the strands to dissolve them after having soaked them, but it took so long and they hadn't dissolved completely. Is there ann eassier way to dissolve them?....Thanks.....Tara

  8. I am really horrible. I overlooked to reply to these comments.

    Thanks K. Is isn't sweet at home.

    Linnish, I like milo as well as Horlicks. Yum.

    Thanks Jan and Min.

    Thanks Amber for dropping by.

    Tara, as long as you soak them till they are soft, it should take you too long to have them dissolved when boiled. Make sure it is really really soft.

  9. hi hi,
    saw 2tbsp cream required. may i know what type of cream you using?



  10. Hi Eliane, I just used pure cream but i guess you can used thicken cream too.

  11. Hi Edith,
    Can we use agar-agar powder and how much?

  12. Hi Delia,

    I have not tried using agar agar powder for this particular recipe. But I did try to substitute with other recipes and it yield a softer texture than strand ones.

    Rule of thumb for me, 10g agar agar powder to 800ml water (i like mine hard)


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