Thursday, May 19, 2005


I love authentic roast pork. When I was young, I remembered my grandma will bring me along to this shop in Chinatown to buy really yummy Roast Pork.

In that shop, you can see not just strip of meat hanging but rather the whole roast pig!! The meat is delicious and the skin is so crispy.

Today, I only fancy a few good roast meat stalls. Perhaps, my grandma has inculcated to me to have high standard for a good roast meat.

Inspired by Min again and having some pork belly left (bought a big slab), I tried out this recipe (from Lena's friend) that is pretty good except that my oven's grill failed on me and I need to transfer to the oven toaster to get that crispy skin.

Unfortunately, I burnt it in the process. sigh!


What you need

1 kg of belly pork
10g of salt (2 level teaspoons of salt)
10g five-spice powder


Wash and clean the belly pork.

Season with salt all over the pork, the skin also.

Next season with the five-spice powder on the meat side only.

Cover with plastic bag and leave it overnight in the fridge

Heat the oven to 200 deg.

Bake it for half hour.

Take it out and use something sharp like a ice picker to poke the skin side. Poke as many holes as you can.

Bake again for another half hour.

After this turn your oven to grill and grill the meat part for 15 minutes.

Then turn up the skin side and grill for 15 minute or until brown. By now you should see all the skin get pop up like the seow bak.
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  1. Hi

    This is very good recipes. I have tried it and it work. Thanks

    Thomas Wang

  2. Hi Edith,

    Back in S'pore, so easy to get this from the market or hawker, but here in Texas, haiz ...

    I am really happy when I 'scanned' thru your recipe index and spotted this. Made for my kids and hubby yesterday dinner. They love it so much that they just had plain rice with the roast meat only.

    Thanks again Edith.



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