Monday, May 16, 2005

Getting started again

Since hubby came back, I have not been in the mood in doing anything. Weekend was like a flash of lightning. Passed by so quickly. In fact, I didn't accomplish anything at all which is not my usual self. So today, I decided to cook at least a decent meal for the family. Heard so much about Brahim Sauces, so finally got a packet of Brahim Fish Curry Sauce from the supermarket. So I cheated on this dish. Photobucket Since that is spicy, I got to cook something non spicy for my kids especially my 34 months baby. So she had Diced Chicken with Tomato Sauce. Photobucket Then I decided apart from the vegetable dish, I longed for a 3 colour Steam Egg. Unfortunately, I didn't managed to get that silky egg texture like my mom's. sigh! Photobucket
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  1. edith,
    Well done! Did so many dishes huh??!! I made stuffed tofu and salted veggie soup last night. Did not take photo as usual as my dishes are usually not presentable. Very the 'housewife' style :P

  2. edith. thumbs up to you. my hubby would be lucky enough if there are TWO dishes :)


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