Tuesday, May 03, 2005

After the long weekend

Though dinner was awesome on Sunday, I felt totally drained after the long weekend (Labour Day). I have been so whammed up by my son who is definitely not on anxious mode for his mid year exam. I have been coaching him in his Chinese as this is his weakest subject currently.

Was pretty disappointed with his scores for his last test. So we both need to work double hard to catch up. Unfortunately, he is not in syn with me.

Well, I definitely need a soup that can nourish my blood!!!

Here is my lotus root soup.


What you need:

Lotus root (cleaned and slice)
Pork ribs
Red dates
Dried oysters or dried cuttlefish
Soya sauce or salt to taste


Boil a little water to scald the pork ribs and pour away the water.

Add all ingredients, boil at high heat for 1 hour and simmer for the next 3 hours over medium heat.

Add soya sauce or salt to taste.
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  1. It is never easy to coach a kid esp when he's not interested in a particular subject. Put in more time & effort, I'm sure u both will be able to make it :)

  2. You are not alone Edith - I normally end up very worked-up, frustrated, stressed and in rage....sigh...and my son only in playgroup! I fear what's to come when he is older and into more serious stuff.

    You must have patience of a 'Saint' Linlin, to handle and teach kids!! _k


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