Sunday, April 24, 2005

Shanghai Nian Gao

The very first time I fried Shanghai Nian Gao was many years ago. Back then, I just wanted to eat this but haven't a slightest clue how to cook it.

I didn't know that I got to soak this little white cakes. Ended up, wondering why this cakes are so tough.

Time flies and now, I finally discovered how to make this dish delicious.


What you need:
Serve 3

One packet of Nian Gao (Rice Cake)
Minced pork
Dried mushrooms, sliced
1 tbsp minced garlic
1 cup of water with a dash of oyster sauce


Soak the nian gao overnight. THIS IS IMPORTANT to soften the cake.

Soak the dried mushrooms for an hour or so.

Marinate minced pork with pepper, soya sauce, a little fish sauce and corn flour.

Deshell and devein the prawns. Marinate it with sesame seed oil and pepper.

Heat wok with a little oil, fry the mushroom first, then the minced pork and lastly the prawns.

Heat wok with a little oil, and fry the garlic till fragrant.

Add in the nian gao, stir fry a little and then add in the meats.

Add water and let it simmer.

Once cake soften and sauce thicken, add in chives to garnish.

Serve hot.

Note: If it is not salty enough, you can either add in fish sauce or soya sauce.
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  1. I didn't know it was called nian gao?I thot it was called Fujian Rice cake? yes, must soak overnight. my mil prefer the soup version..coz no teeth. :)

  2. Hi
    Made this dish the other day for the first time. Is it suppose to be sticky in the mouth feeling? And is the finish product have gravy or dry?
    I was told mine was too wet.

    Regards Ell

  3. It shouldn't be sticky feeling. Depending on the grade or type you got, some are very chewy. As for the gravy, it depends on individual. My family likes it with more gravy.

  4. Ooh, another person who knows of this all-too-rare dish. I was searching for pictures of Shanghai nian gao when I came upon this blog. Damn I'm feeling hungry... =D

  5. I have cooked many times before from a TV recipie. Basically first fry the chinese leaves (white cabbage like vege) then you heap the soaked nain gao on to and cover with wok lid, it does not take long to soften, maybe 5 to 10 mins. In spore can buy from small provison shops or ntuc have I think. I like it chewy.....yum yum


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