Thursday, April 21, 2005


Each time, we visit my parents' in law, I look forward to this snack of Yam Peng Kueh. The taste and texture especially when she pan fried it, is awesome. I can have 3-4 pieces at one go. I find that this is something different from the usual ones with glutinous rice fillings. Having not baked or cooked anything special lately. I wanted to have a go on this one. Unfortunately, due to my overzealous, I added way too much dried shrimps and I also think that the yam is not the right type used. So sad. Photobucket Result: Need to work on this.
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  1. this is definitely new to me. About yams to use..must use Thai yam. coz it has no fibres. thus after steam/mash, its smooth. If you use China or m'sia ones, you need to fish out the hard pieces or blend/puree it in a food processor. thai yams are used for orr nee..that is why so smooth.

  2. Gina, my mom's comment is not that my yam is the wrong type but rather the way I prepared it. So, I am still somehow not too far off the track.

    Also, I am quite sure I bought the Thai ones coz' the sign says so.

  3. not far off track means what? recipe is right but hv not figure out how to make the dough? :P

  4. Don't be disappointed, Edith. as the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. And..... don't care about negative comments some people seems to like to leave on people's blogs nowaday. Just ignore it, girl. They will go away, eventually, if their skin is not toooooo thick!!!!

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  6. Sorry, I removed the previous commment abt Amy Beh's recipe :)
    Her method of making the dough is slightly different from my late great grandma's, but if you are game to try, let's see if it produces better result.


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