Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sunday Feast

My better half is flying off again. So I planned for a home cooked dinner for him. Menu include: Guo Tie, Grilled Chicken Wings and Mee Hoon Kueh. Invited my sister and her family to join us too. This is my first time cooking dumplings and it was very tough for me. Firstly, the water not enough for the dough. I took the chance and added some more to it. Then, I got problem rolling it coz' it shrink after I cut it. Tricky part, I had "squeezed" in the meat. Finally, I got it done all. phew! Photobucket I grilled the chicken wings because I wanted to keep the kitchen oil free for a day. Marinated it with curry powder, lemon juice and fish sauce. Pretty good combination! Photobucket Next, my sister helped me with the Mee Hoon Kueh as I have no idea how this is being done. I prepared the soup with Ikan Bilis, soya bean and chicken stock. Unfortunately, by then, I was too hungry and forgotten to take a picture of our accomplishment. Verdict: Everyone is happy. :-)
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  1. Edith, ur chicken wings and gyoza looked simply delicious!

  2. Uhhh lovely gyoza. So crispy looking

  3. Edith

    I am very impressed! Your cooking and your new skill: Digital Photography! I'm doing duck today again, want to come to mum-mum?


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