Thursday, March 03, 2005

Something sweet and soft

After three sleepless nights, nursing my little one whose temperature went up as high as 39.8 degrees.

I finally took up my mom's offer to babysit my child for a night or two. At last, I had a night of good rest and fully recharged to do something nice in the kitchen.

I took on Lee Lee's Mango Pudding recipe as I still have some vanilla ice cream in the freezer.

The last I tried was not so presentable and a little too hard.

Verdict: A nice soft pudding


What you need:

100g blended mango (puree)
100g mango cubes (you can add more than that)
100 ml whipping cream
20g gelatine (if individual pkt type, use 2 pkts)
80g sugar
300 ml water
250 gm of mango ice-cream (vanilla as substitute)


Mix water, sugar and gelatine in pan. Boil over slow fire until sugar and gelatine dissolve.

Leave the mixture to cool.

When cool, add mango puree, mango cubes, whip cream and ice-cream.

Stir mixture until all ice-cream is melted.

Pour into small cups and leave in fridge to set.
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