Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Really blessed to have friendship like this

I was on cloud 9 after last Saturday reunion. The party was a huge success. Screams, hugs and kisses were flowing freely that night. A good table spread of our potluck, much better than any hotel buffet. For nostalgic, we even sang the school song, of course at a lower note. It was really good fun. I wish the night didn't end so early. Judging by the happy faces, I am glad that the girls enjoyed themselves. Indeed it was a much awaited reunion. Can't believe it was 26 years ago we were together as pals. I am so thankful that it came through and allows us to catch up on lost time. Friendships are being rekindled and let’s hope we will treasure each other even more from now on. We are looking forward to our 30th anniversary in 2012. In between these 3 years, I am sure there will be more gatherings. Let's hope next round, those who are based overseas will be able to join us. The last cake that I baked for my class reunion, I knew that I had better start looking for a nice recipe as base for my fondant cake. As this year, I wanted to venture into baking whole cake instead of cuppies, I better get my act together quick. Actually I am really blessed having friends like AL. She is constantly by my side whenever I stumbled into the unknown and she always has an answer for me. This nice Victoria Sponge Cake was supposed to completed on Monday but I was caught up with a nasty experience that my kids' taekwondo coach was having. Luckily things were ironed out and she is being reinstated. If not, I am sure 50 parents will be staging a protest with the community club. LOLz. The bond between her and the kids is so strong. She adores the kids and the kids adore her too. No one can ever replace someone like her who is so passionate about the sport. Back to the cake, it is indeed soft and yet strong enough to withstand the weight of the fondant. I sandwich it between a layer of plum butter cream. hahaha... yes plum jam, courtesy from my dear cousin, S from Canada. She handmade them and brought it back for us when she was here last month. Though I am not a jam person but I like this as it is not sweet as store bought. S, great job and thank you. I am glad that I did it and now have more confidence tackling sponge cakes. So you will be seeing more of my creation in due course. In the meantime, I am going to have a slice for tea. Can't wait any longer. Photobucket
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