Monday, December 17, 2007

I did it!

This year end holiday passes by really quickly. I have been so busy with different programmes on a weekly basis that I suddenly realised the year is coming to an end real soon. My worries were uncalled for. Perhaps it was because I kept my kids fully occupied with camp, music lessons, enrichment classes and plenty of play mates. With two holidays for this term, it definitely helps to lessen the stress level. Haven't really been participating in many kitchen activities as I was also down with some health problem. Let's see whether my mommy's miracle healer can work the same wonder on me. Nevertheless, this holiday is also one of my biggest expenditure spending months. I acquired many books and a few new gadgets too. Really pleased with them and hoping for the mood to come to put them in good use. When I saw Baking Fiends Unite's new toy, I was totally blown away by the gorgeous looking jelly. Guess someone really understood me well, she took to task to order two sets for me. Isn't she sweet? So today, I wanted to give my dear son a little suprise upon his return from his FIRST solo travel trip. Let me present you my Multi colour jewel eggs. Of course mine is a far cry from I's but it sure been fun working on these with my little one who has been really a good helper. This is my first time working on so many layers of jelly. Initially I really have my doubt but after speaking to A, I took the plunge. Next round, I think I will be more precise with my layering and improve on my colours. Now let's hope dear son will like these as much as we do. Photobucket
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  1. When I looked at the picture, I thought it was coloured century eggs, LOL. I'm not completely wrong, these are eggs, jelly eggs. Can you share how you made them ?

  2. Yes these are jelly eggs. Actually making these needs time. After deciding on the no of colours you wanted. Divide the agar agar portion accordingly. Then fill one layer by layer, set it in ice bath (faster for me) after each layer, while keeping the rest of the agar agar (different colours) warm. This should set pretty quickly if you use the ice bath method. Hope my instruction is okay?


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