Monday, November 07, 2005

From my own

Spring onion is pretty a very basic garnish in Chinese cookings. For some reason, I have never like the taste. Strangely enough, all my siblings don't like that too. So pretty grew up without such garnishing on my food. I was experimenting a little herb "garden". I started with basil, mint, oregano and spring onion. Only my spring onion didn't died on me. The rest, I have to start all over again. So this dish of minced beef with enoki mushroom is loaded with spring onion to my hubby's delight. Bad of me to deprived him of such "heavenly" taste. Photobucket You might wonder ..... well, I asked him to scoop all the spring onion onto his plate before I "attack".
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  1. Never know u dislike spring onions!..hehe...I used to dislike them too but as I grew older, I have learnt to appreciate the taste of them, now I love them alot, can't have fried rice or noodles without them!

  2. I could never get accustomed to the taste. dun know why. Well the unexplainable also to Chye Sim. I simply can't swallow it.


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