Saturday, July 30, 2005


Was getting bored. I am down with a stupid cold that doesn't seem to go away. The feelings reminded me of a broken nose that I endured many years ago. Like it was punched swollen. I got a feel it might not be a cold but rather sinusitis. So to distract myself, I did a Layered Agar Agar which I wanted to experiment many months ago. Boy, this is really hard work. The waiting game. I don't think I will attempt this another time. Recipe is the same as milo agar agar. Photobucket">
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  1. Nice looking agar agar. Glad that u r back blogging. :)


  2. Swee swee leh! Glad to see you back! Take care!

  3. Pretty agar2, must've tasted good too :)

  4. Hi Amber, go ahead and try it coz' you won't regret.


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